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Iron Grip Marauders
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Iron Grip Marauders is a Strategy Browser Based Game featuring 3D tactical combat with strategic browser gameplay.

Probably you going to ask me what are Marauders, well is a kind of pirates but more fancy, or so. Important thing is that you can be one (Marauders) and you can make smuggling and plunder at will everything in a beautiful 3D graphics, excepting the part of management and planing the missions part which takes place in a traditional 2D browser game style. I would like to mention here, the highly entertaining audio part with music that invite to plunder and slaughter, a very good addition to the game atmosphere, indeed.

Gameplay is turn-based, meaning you move a move then the opponent and so on, a real turn-based strategy but which take place without the need of any download only a browser presence. Iron Grip Marauders is a game with a highly developed strategic component, here the strategy through which the largest group wins every time does not work too well if it is not sustained by a previously Strategy planning tactic, or not work at all but do not worry the game does not have a exaggerated learning curve. Missing neither the main character customization options, technological tree is medium to large size, can not hurt to be more developed but still enough to add an additional charming strategic side. From the beginning of the game you disposing of two Heroes that you will use as commanders of armies that will plunder or smuggling, will join others Hero as you do quests, later in the game.

A game that captures the revolutionary combination between planning and management of browser-based 2D and 3D turn-based spectacular battles, already predicting many hours of strategic game that awaits player only if you going to play it, if not your loss.



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