Gloria Victis - World expansion

Sunday, 03 December 2017 11:58 mmoraw
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30% more lands, 6 new castles to capture, controller and synchronization improved

The world expansion just hit the servers! Besides of 30% more lands, there are also six new settlements to capture, including two massive castles close to the Azebian areas. New lands reflect the “link” between Midlandic and Ismirean faction-based castles, significantly improving the world PVP balance.

We have also made a lot of changes to controller & synchronization. First of all, we greatly improved the way the server predicts your actions. Characters are now synchronized much more precisely, which in effect enhances the Gloria Victis open world PVP experience.
Improved synchronization allowed us to increase responsiveness of the controller for moving and fighting and rotating camera. We have overhauled the camera as well to give you more control over the player’s avatar. Also, servers’ performance and network traffic have been significantly optimized.

Moreover, one of the latest updates introduced the titles system and start of new Glory season. Besides of titles for special achievements done in game, there are completely unique titles for the best players of the Glory leaderboard as well. We have also added brand new armors sets which can be obtained only from the Glory vendors and 40 new questlines, as well as the treasure chests system - while exploring the world, players will be able to find and collect special hidden chests to earn precious loot.

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