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Under Siege
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Under Siege is a Facebook-based social game, adventure, tower defence game, free to play on Facebook, from Rocket Jump.

Under Siege give the players possibility to have a castle, to construct and manage various adjacent structures like houses, workshops, bakery, barracks, to produce resources (wood, stone, iron, supplies), to train soldiers, and to make preparations for the battles against invaders.

Yep, your castle is under siege by hordes of Goblins, Gnomes, Orcs and other vile creatures that come in waves, threatening to destroy your structures. To stop them, you need to set up traps and to use magical spells, deploy soldiers, guards or other units, and to destroy all the enemies before they reach your buildings. The player will be put in front of challenging defence strategy.

Under Siege is an interesting combination of two elements, city building and tower defending. With a quality graphics and a strong gameplay, the result is a good game.




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